About Our Pharmacist

About Our Pharmacists

Laverne Huynh-Phan was born in San Jose, California and soon spent most of her formative years in Clovis, California after her parents moved to the Central Valley. She then graduated high school and took an interest in pharmacy. Pharmacy had always been a part of Laverne’s life and as she followed in her family’s footsteps, her passion for her community and her patients grew. Laverne attended MCPHS University of Pharmacy in Boston, Massachusetts. After graduation and acquiring her doctorate she returned to the Central Valley to begin her practice. Laverne has been a practicing pharmacist for 6 years and devotes most of her energy to the communities of Fresno and Clovis. She is known to be kind, caring, and attentive. Her patients speak highly of her and the wealth of knowledge that she has shared. Some of her interests are her two huskies, live music, yoga, and food of cultures. 


Meet Thor, our pharmacist, aka Mr. Grizzly! WIth over 8 years in corporate pharmacy, Thor wanted to make a switch. “I enjoy helping my community and as a pharmacist, I interact with many people on a daily basis with a goal to make their day better throughout the interactions they have with me. It is my hope that each customer that walks into our pharmacy feels supported and fully understands all the care options they have available to them.